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Pam Whitman MPT

Phone: (925) 381-7780
Fax: (925) 210-0628


Improve your strength and balance to maximize your quality of life in your home and community.

Where insurance stops, we step in. Physical Therapy Interventions, Inc. provides a private pay service with a Physical Therapist.

Have a Physical Therapist come to you.

Physical Therapy Interventions, Inc. is based in Walnut Creek, California and specializes in the Geriatric population and Stroke patients. The focus is to maximize the quality of your life through functional training and exercises. This can best be accomplished in your place of residence.

Our Clients Include:
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Board and Care Facilities
  • Residential Home Patients

I am most pleased to give a recommendation, if not an endorsement, to Pam Whitman who has been my physical therapist now since March of this year. I have consistently been impressed with her judgment, knowledge and caring. She truly seems to understand how the body works and how it responds to various types of exercises. As a result, I have noticed a marked improvement in my physical strength and how it helps me to cope with my breathing problems that are the result of a lung being removed back in 1997 due to lung cancer.

Arnie W.
Walnut Creek, California
September 2007

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