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Pam Whitman MPT

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Patient Testimonials

I had a severe stroke on 9/24/03. I was sent home from the hospital when I was able to get out of bed. I was walking with a cane, but I could not move my left arm. The arm just hung at my side. When I found Pam Whitman, of Physical Therapy Interventions, we started an intensive therapy program designed specifically for me. We worked on my walking without the cane and with her guidance I gained balance and strength and finally started to walk without the cane. My left leg is about 95% of normal. Pam worked with me on my arm through a very difficult time. Gradually my arm gained strength until it no longer bothers me. As I continue to work on my arm it continues to gain function. If I walked by you today, you would not know I had a stroke. That is all possible because of Pam Whitman and Physical Therapy Interventions. I highly recommend Pam Whitman!

Thomas G.
Danville, California
Patient 2003 - Present

I am most pleased to give a recommendation, if not an endorsement, to Pam Whitman who has been my physical therapist now since March of this year. I have consistently been impressed with her judgment, knowledge and caring. She truly seems to understand how the body works and how it responds to various types of exercises. As a result, I have noticed a marked improvement in my physical strength and how it helps me to cope with my breathing problems that are the result of a lung being removed back in 1997 due to lung cancer.

Arnie W.
Walnut Creek, California
September 2007

I very highly recommend Pam Whitman as a Physical Therapist. She excels in her ability to really listen and asses a patient in order to customize the best therapy program. I had been wrestling with acute myo-fascial pain in my neck, shoulder and back for several months. I had worked with other physical therapists, but found that Pam was much more creative in the variety of technical ideas and solutions she employed to solve my issue. We worked in tandem with my program at the gym and her intervention was what broke the cycle and finally improved my condition. She continually assessed and changed my therapy to best suit my evolving condition. Thank you, Pam!

Kelly D.
Lafayette, CA
Patient in 2002

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