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Pam Whitman MPT

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Physical Therapy in your home includes:
  • An evaluation to determine what therapeutic intervention is appropriate and any special device needs
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Development of a personalized exercise program based on your needs*
  • Hands-on guidance while doing your personalized exercise program
  • Personalized problem solving to improve your quality of function
  • Transfer training for caregivers
  • Training and handouts for you and your caregivers about your personalized exercise program to help you practice the techniques taught to you
  • A comprehensive home safety evaluation

Your physical therapist is also a great community resource to find out what services are available to you and your family.

* Exercise equipment can be provided at an additional cost

Constraint Induced Therapy

This is a specialized and intensive upper extremity program for someone who has had a stroke. The program is two weeks in length. This is a researched based technique that has been found to improve function of the involved arm.

For your company:

  • Transfer Training and Body Mechanic in-service for your staff.
  • Patient education on "What is a Stroke?"

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